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Founded on Passion

We’re interior designers (not design enthusiasts) and we’ve been opening doors to fine design in Upstate South Carolina for 25+ years.  Our principal and visionary, Cynthia Masters, has a passion for all things design surpassed only by her commitment to her clients.

With fresh insight, focus, and exuberance, Panageries custom tailors each interior design project. Never a copy. Always the real thing.  If fine design is your destination, start with Panageries.

Unlock Your Project

Interested in working with an interior designer on your next project?  Panageries works with clients in  Greenville, SC, throughout the Southeast, and across the country.  Contact us today. 

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Professional Interior Designers

Panageries specializes in three distinct disciplines – residential, commercial, and healthcare interior design. Each requires a slightly different focus and set of skills, yet they all receive our high level of creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Take a minute and immerse yourself in our world.

Residential Interior Design


We give every detail careful thought – from the layout to the color scheme and everything down to the last pillow. With a high level of creativity and attention to detail, we fashion a home interior that blends perfectly with your lifestyle, considering every family member (even the four-legged furry ones). Discover the unexpected…


“Ambiance” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about healthcare, but that’s what we’re about…creating an ambiance that’s conducive to administering the best patient care. Our team will help promote your brand while creating an experience that’s both soothing and visually intriguing…all with the highest level of creativity and attention to detail. Examine the intricacies of healthcare design…


We become part of your team from the first meeting to the final touch. We consider everything from branding and image to workflow and ergonomics. With the highest level of creativity and professionalism, Panageries creates a distinctive design that brings your mission statement to life, showing the world just how good you really are. Explore the possibilities…

“Cynthia’s attention to detail, impeccable taste, timeless design, and her ability to discern her customers’ tastes and elevate them to a whole new level are extraordinary.”

Bob S. | Google

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Noteworthy Mentions

Many of our interior designs have been featured in magazines and editorials both locally, regionally, and nationally.  Explore our most recent mentions below.

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