Interior Design Services by Panageries in Greenville, SC

The road to design is lined with choices. The first is to choose your path...

Panageries offers interior design services for projects of any size. Whether you need a consultation or a complete design, we provide creative ideas from blueprint to finish for every room at home or in the workplace. To enhance your experience, our design team utilizes the latest in computer aided drawing software for space planning and 3D renderings. We absolutely love working with our residential clients, and we revel in designing for commercial and healthcare facilities. We furnish talent and professionalism at every turn. Open your mind to a world of possibilities as we share our extensive library of resources...everything needed to complete your project. We offer two distinct packages from which to choose based upon budget, time, and personal preference...


Hourly fee with no hourly minimum
Minimum product purchase each calendar year

Imagine embarking on a journey filled with colors, textures and swatches...where the possibilities are endless and you have your own personal guide. We draw inspiration from your experiences and lifestyle to create a vision – then we measure, plan and carry through to a complete and polished work of art. Close your open! Yum!


Hourly fee with an hourly minimum each calendar year
No product purchase requirement

Maybe you simply need a vision or design concept as your journey begins. Or maybe you find yourself at a crossroads in need of direction. We unlock the mystery, create the plan and help you make important decisions. We come alongside as your creative resource and trusted collaborator, offering professional opinions and wisdom for design decisions. Planning. Assistance. Perspective. It's available, as you need it, throughout your journey. Ready to take the next step? There's no commitment or deposit, just contact us today for a complimentary first telephone meeting.

Fixed Fee

Square Footage + Level of Involvement

Are you the type who appreciates knowing precisely what your design costs will be? If so, you might favor our fixed fee. We combine square footage with level of involvement to determine an agreed upon rate. As always, Panageries brings exquisite interiors to life through personal service and distinctive design.

“Cynthia’s attention to detail, impeccable taste, timeless design, and her ability to discern her customers’ tastes and elevate them to a whole new level are extraordinary.”